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“Continually searching for new ways to introduce the world to their music, the role of any artist is to articulate their world to the audience. Inviting those into a troubled yet creative mind, to see their thoughts, emotions, struggles, and desires. Idiocentric is just that. An array of tracks and lyrics chosen to take you into the mind of an artist.
The songs Chosen personally by Wilsonn, who has worked with Mau5Trap protégé Attlas and co-writing his world wide hit “Batch”.
Similar to how a remix of a track can add a new dynamic, Wilsonn has reversed this process, taking the work of his favorite artists and influences then adding in his lyrics and vocals to create a new expression and meaning to the original work.
From delivering his emotive dedication to the woman on the artistic video “Thankful”. Wilsonn returns with a different approach this time, flipping a What So Not favourite “Touched” on it’s head & creating a whole new message to the song! “Touched” is the track to lead the charge of the official “Idiocentric mixtape” in it’s entirety which includes tracks by Taku, Sbtrkt, Ste Louse, Feki & Wilsonn‘s long time friend and band mate from back in the day Australia’s very own “Touch Sensitive” aka The pizza guy.
“Touched” is the final chapter to the Idiocentric story, this mixtape is one heck of a journey so strap up and press play!


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